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tlckl wrote

Here's a few other instances:

  • Even stronger content policy than Run by a comrade like
  • Explicitly anticapitalist instance.
  • Although not a Mastodon server, it is compatible with Mastodon. Home of rms.
  • Mastodon for LGBT with extra moderation and anti-harassment measures.
  • For math nerds, run by AMS (American Mathematical Society). Supports LaTeX.
  • For socialists. Mostly marxists. Be aware of tankies.
  • Nice domain. Run by a comrade. Not very moderated due to only one staff.

Ultimately, the choice is pretty unimportant. The only differences it makes are:

  • your domain.
  • the local timeline (if the instance is small, people may communicate within it and have fun there). This is partially the reason why there are so many specialized mastodon server.
  • trust (do you trust the owner to protect your privacy etc.?)
  • content policy and moderation (all the ones I've listed have good moderation, but you must still be aware that not all servers have that many moderators, so if you pick a low-staff instance, you will have to do some blocking by yourself)
  • possibly interface and modding.