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ziq wrote

So they pledge to ban fashes?


tlckl wrote

So the network is distributed across several "instances". While nothing stops fashy instances from existing, they are excluded from communication with other instances. Racists can be instance-wide blocked even if they're on another instance.

The biggest instance,, has a pretty strong antifascist policy, explicitly prohibiting hate speech and fascism.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


tlckl wrote

Here's a few other instances:

  • Even stronger content policy than Run by a comrade like
  • Explicitly anticapitalist instance.
  • Although not a Mastodon server, it is compatible with Mastodon. Home of rms.
  • Mastodon for LGBT with extra moderation and anti-harassment measures.
  • For math nerds, run by AMS (American Mathematical Society). Supports LaTeX.
  • For socialists. Mostly marxists. Be aware of tankies.
  • Nice domain. Run by a comrade. Not very moderated due to only one staff.

Ultimately, the choice is pretty unimportant. The only differences it makes are:

  • your domain.
  • the local timeline (if the instance is small, people may communicate within it and have fun there). This is partially the reason why there are so many specialized mastodon server.
  • trust (do you trust the owner to protect your privacy etc.?)
  • content policy and moderation (all the ones I've listed have good moderation, but you must still be aware that not all servers have that many moderators, so if you pick a low-staff instance, you will have to do some blocking by yourself)
  • possibly interface and modding.

tlckl wrote

Yeah, your instance choice doesn't restrict communication. You can still communicate with users on other instances.