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zod wrote

So you love free speech except when it comes to anarchists, who you think should be arrested for speaking?

Yeah sounds like a 'free' speech fan all right.


r1l3y wrote


when did i say that?


zod wrote

I belive in free speech, but not some of this stuff like archanism, or stuff like that :/

There's nothing free about state-sanctioned speech, btw.


r1l3y wrote

I'm sorry, jeez :/


zod wrote (edited )

I mean, you literally said you believe in free speech except when it comes to actual freedom. It's rather ironic.


jadedctrl wrote

They were saying "I agree with X, but I don't agree with Y, or stuff like Y."

They weren't saying "I agree with X, except for in the case of Y."


GrimWillow wrote

I agree with what you're saying. There is no "free speech" unless there is complete liberation of humanity from institutions of oppression, so there cannot be an advocate for "free speech" while also being against the only truly liberatory organizing style. Not sure why people are downvoting you on this.