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Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

A meaty 35% and I don't really care unless they were egregiously bigoted and didn't show any sign of learning. Is that you, 25chars? I hope it is!

Edit: And I think more people delete their accounts due to security concerns or taking a break and come back so it looks like they have new accounts, but not really.


OnlyCirceOus wrote

Percentage wise very very few. It mostly seems to be this one person, actually… /s

And do I care? I’m not an admin, I don’t have to deal with it… but in general I’m against ban evasion because the admins do have to deal with it and it’s really not fair to them. Technically if you can keep your head down, follow the ToS and not make it obvious it’s probably not a big deal… but if that’s the case the initial banning probably wouldn’t have happened anyway. And if you end up banned again do everyone a favor and stop trying.



Radriendil wrote

Yeah, the success cases are basically invisible. If nobody can connect you to your banned account, that means you stopped doing whatever it was that got you banned. The point of banning isn't to banish people, it's to banish behavior. People are allowed to reform.


rot moderator wrote