Submitted by OldShoesOJO in lobby

Sloppy (I mean, obviously)

I find it hard to strum specific strings at quick speed, I have to keep my focus on it. Fretting I think I get it a little bit...and I THINK i can play a power chord...using my thumb is a lot more comfortable for me.



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asterism wrote

Congrats, have fun.

What kinda guitar we talking?


OldShoesOJO OP wrote

Electric, Stellar. It was a cheap used one


asterism wrote

Yeah, cheap used is the way to go. Controversial but I think the gear doesn't matter that much really (unless its a truly horrid guitar (One of my electrics is like that)).


anarquirains wrote

an electric is perfect at first because you can jam unplugged and get your fingers used to hitting strings daily, i got one of those altoid tin amps for playing with headphones at my computer while i figure out tabs and stuff and it might be a cheap find or fun build


ukuleleclass wrote

depending on the barre chord you can use your middle finger to add pressure to your index finger for the barre— also it’s easier to do if you’re closer to the fret :)


Tom_Hat wrote

When I was first trying to teach myself guitar starting with some 'spider walk' exercises every day for a few minutes was a great way to build up the muscle memory of how to hit specific strings and fret well.

Keep having fun with it!