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elyersio OP wrote


What else can we decentralize that the government/capitalists want to control?

Let's bring as many 'services' that they provide us into the hands of the people, cheaper, better, and distributed. Education, electricity, land.... Let them try to criminalize that.


aiwendil wrote

unfortunately there is a cost to all of this and I think we can decentralize from where things are currently, but we should still find ways to pool resources to bring these technical solutions to as many people as possible. Like could we campaign to do things like buy the buildings we rent, but taking what we would pay as rent and putting it as a collective down payment and use what would have been our rent to pay the loan... Then we could move forward with building wide infrastructure projects on a building by building basis... Like collectively buying, installing and benefiting from solar panels on the roofs of our buildings, and little community gardens on rooftops, with bees and such. All kinds of things are possible if we could work together... We really need a platform for organizing such things. First step is to get like minded people in a given locality in contact with each other about these sort of things and then the next step is to get resources on how to do these things in their hands. I think in the long run, we could be saving a ton on rent and electrical costs if we learn to collectivize our living arrangements better.


elyersio OP wrote

Maybe we should make some local(ish) forums for our state or city, to help us unite and find others nearby