List of things I trust more than our president, Donald Trump

Submitted by elyersio in lobby (edited )

  • Opening Voat without a VPN
  • Storing my encrypted passwords on Google Drive
  • The egg nog in my fridge that expires this week
  • The water in my neighbor's lake
  • ROT26 encryption
  • mitmf on She is very hungry, please donate her some bitcoin.
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Kik
  • A red keycard in Doom, sitting invitingly on a pedastal, surrounded by doors which I'm sure are harmless, and will probably never open.
  • Capitalism
  • Credit cards
  • Technology built in a capital economy

What do you trust more than my president?


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DissidentRage wrote

  • Jurassic Park's system administrator
  • That friendly little flower at the beginning of Undertale
  • A stranger recently stung by a strigoi