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sudo OP wrote

Americans are responsible for burying their heads in the sand and not even lifting a finger to protest as their state turns entire countries into rubble.

A lot of them aren't aware of the secret drone wars the US is engaging in. For other things, like the Iraq war, a lot of Americans did protest it. But the US government's "terrorist" rhetoric meant that a lot of Americans ended up supporting the war, when they wouldn't have otherwise.

Your inaction is as bad as anything your state does to us.

I never said I was American. But if a bunch of Americans do protest, what of it? That won't stop the wars, unless it's something like the Vietnam War protests that almost lead to a revolution.

And you pleading with us not to fight back unless it causes communist revolution is even worse than inaction.

I never said that, either. Stop putting words in my mouth. It's perfectly fine for a country to fight back against the US military that's invading it for no good reason. Just don't go murdering innocent US civilians, because they truly don't have anything to do with it.