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casparvitch wrote

I'm confused by modern tankies, what do CPP fanatics (in the west) see that's so great in China?

I can somewhat understand being enamored by communism pre '56, but now?? Doesn't look utopian whatever tinted glasses you have on.


ziq wrote

very successful export-based economy

full market penetration

no pesky unions to get in the way of the glorious revolution

number #1 biggest capitalist economy in world

very modern private healthcare system, only costs $4000 to give birth

successful rehabilitation program for counter-revolutionary uighur terrorist

nets installed on all factory facades to catch enemies of the people


MissTeapot wrote (edited )

Basically this + they fall for the CCP's propaganda:

  • The great firewall is to keep evil foreign political influence from destroying its "vibrant" political landscape, not at all to limit people's access to worldwide information!
  • There's nothing weird happening in the Xinjiang work camps. They're just protecting their privacy! You wouldn't want your secrets to great labor to be exposed either.
  • In the very, very, very rare occasion that they do admit something maybe not entirely good is happening to the Uyghur people, they'll brush it off as "Who cares? XYZ country is/was doing the same thing." like that makes it okay.
  • Pro-CCP people are already not a fan of most minorities. To them, oppression of LGBT-rights and xenophobic policies are seen as good and simply protecting their country's culture.
  • If you have any love for yourself, do not get them started on Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, or Taiwan.

Edit: punctuation


vic wrote

They channel their anti-american/western energy into China/Russia rather than anything productive or worthwhile.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Could use a "what's wrong with lemmy" wiki like we do for reddit. Do we have one?


Bezotcovschina wrote

I want to physically hurt them


CircleA OP wrote

You just summed up in one sentence what it's like being an anarchist browsing reddit.


zip wrote

western anarchists are just radlib idiot pieces of shit

do they really just call literally anyone they don't like liberals ?lol


CircleA OP wrote

Sometimes they call us fascists. But yeah, either liberals or fascists.


xxk wrote

They should just go with 'physicists'.


zip wrote

Criticising Einstein: Science, Politics, and International Relations during the Chinese Cultural Revolution

what a fucking title lmao


xxk wrote

It is ridiculous, isn't it? Good stuff.



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