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squirrels wrote

Some articles are gold, but much of Autostraddle reads like just a white lesbian social circle. Those editors can get hyper-defensive and delete a lot of opinions that don't agree with them.


DissidentRage wrote

Doesn't sound like anything changed, honestly. It seems like if anything the author tried her best to keep this aspect of her existence from meaning anything.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

That does seem kinda true, though it seems like the change was more a reframing than a change of content. Also a sense that she has this whole new part of herself to carry now, that she doesn't know how to be in relation to.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

I believe I would act the same way. As she indicated, they're strangers that share the same blood.


DissidentRage wrote

I don't know my biological father, either. To me it comes off as cynical and dismissive, because I would jump at the chance to meet my biological father's family, but I guess there are personal reasons for that.