I don't know who/what I am...

Submitted by elyersio in lobby

I'm trying to learn Japanese. An email from Fluent in 3 Months told me I should write down a script about myself in Japanese. But, I can't figure out what to say for who I am.

"Hello. I am Elon. I am a ***. I have 4 dogs. I like computers. Goodbye."

Perhaps I'm a student. Because I do nothing but go to school, then go home, then read things on the computer, go to sleep, wake up, repeat.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

You seem to like the idea of furthering humanity through space travel.

You seem to like online forums.

You seem to be trying to figure out what you think about things in the world.

You probably like more than just computers.

And you don't have to say that you are a student if you understand that to be an important identity claim. You can say that you're studying.

Ima benkyoushimasu! rather than gakusei desu!

Also you can say you don't know much about yourself, or that you are a person discovering your self, if you feel that way.

Something like that, maybe? :)


squirrels wrote

That's ok! You're ok just as you are. :)


Garx wrote

Well, I used to do the exact same as you, with some things here or there that I didn't do every day and would definitely have called myself a student.