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kano wrote

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So I came to the city to meet them for a concert and we'll go to mine TMR. Also met some friends of theirs too, was distressing yesterday, hearing them talk about US politics and fascism, and completely ignoring the fact that black people and indigenous people exist over there and felt kind of attacked because my mom was talking about how she wants to stay and fight the fascism there through electoral politics bs, and I mean I left that country in part due to the fucked up political situation there. Their friends are English ppl who I've known my whole life and they were complaining about Brexit even though they voted it for it.

I'm mad at them the friends because they voted for Brexit and then applied for European passports due to ancestry in a European country.

And lots of lesser evilism stuff talking about they are really scared for the next election that maybe desantis are trump come to power, even though the democrats are as fucked up, and maybe I'm gonna have a go at them with the stuff ziq was saying about white supremacy and lesser evilism.