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Lettuce wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by TwentyFiveCharsOrLess in FRIDAY FREE TALK by asterism

Id say magick and wacky spirituality is a normal person thing in anarchist spaces. I meant normal in that u talk like u are a person. Oh hey I'm X and I like these things. It's pretty common to run into people who are less people and more Spector's of their political ideology. U can be friends with the communist or the anarchist. Or the ANTIFA member. And if u are talking about anti civ stuff and trying to convince people of theory I would throw u in the haunted aberition of ideology category and not normal person.

Normal perks. In this context just means u are a person rather than an ideologue. U can do and believe as much goofy shit as u want. It's pretty hard to antagonize anarchisr spaces with weird behavior. All kinds of weird behavior are normal.