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Lettuce wrote (edited )

The dog gets the joy of me being arround i.e. if I'm eating something and the dog wants some I will literally share as much food as they ask for. Often times they eat like .30 percent do the food it's pretty funny.

And I even feed them all the shit dogs aren't supposed to have bc it's not my right to control what they eat. So like they have had chocolate and grapes and all kinds of shit. One time I was eating potatoes and I showed that it was hot. And set it down. The dog licks it notices it's hot. And instead of waiting they fucking swallow it whole. They then like 5 minutes later puke up the whole piece.

Tho we figured out how to share those sugary ice pops. I used to break off a piece and pry their mouth open. Now I just break off a piece and the dog pulls it out wit their tongue. And yes if u are wondering if I am eating a spoonful of pb I will let the dog take some licks off.

Tho the poor thing gets so bored in the city. Despite all the food she still hunts for stuff. They found an old packet of basically caffeine strips which are fruit flavored and m they ate like 300 mg of caffeine. If anything happens I will release the dogs 300 mg caffeine trip report.

Omg I made more potatoes but the dog doesn't want any this time

Interesting the dog likes cabbage but doesn't even act like cooked brussel sprouts are food. The also will eat beans if they are mixed in with stuff. Tho just straighr up beans they hate. So like if I make bean burritos the dog doesn't ask for some.


fortmis wrote

this is the kind of scientific field research I am here for


asterism OP wrote

Potato thing is funny.

That's a lot of caffine.


Lettuce wrote

The dog seemed unaffected. They are like 100 pounds which prob helps a lot. The dog would have been fucked it it was a small one.