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kano wrote

Reply to comment by moonlune in FRIDAY FREE TALK by asterism

What were some of the suggestions if you're interested in sharing?


moonlune wrote (edited )

Recycle, mostly. Drink coffee from a coffee machine instead of pods

When they said people should go vegetarian everyone laughed lol

And they told people to do drive sharing and everyone grumbled

Ah yes we should not take the plane if we're less than 4h away by train.


Lettuce wrote

NPCs are fucking wild to talk to someone's. I allways forget how boring they are.but at some point their lack of imagination becomes rlly funny again

"Drive with more than one person in the car! 😲 I'm not programed to do that!"


moonlune wrote

Oh yeah also there's a government agency that gives you money if you bike to work and send them enough paperwork.