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Lettuce wrote

Meta post in lobby! That's even more of a lettuceleafer move. /j

Sry I know the post isn't funny to u but it's hilarious 2 me


TwentyFiveCharsOrLess OP wrote

Unintentional comedy is the best comedy


Lettuce wrote (edited )

Tho for real I am the person who is lettuceleafer on raddle. Being annoying then apologizing after some reflection is something I have done like 5 times on this site. Its my lettuceleafer 1-3 a year.

So I found it very funny that u r doing. The same thing. So I said ur doing a real lettuceleafer (me).


TwentyFiveCharsOrLess OP wrote

Thanks for the explanation!


veuzi wrote

A head of lettuce is composed of many layers of yummy leaves.