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tuesday OP wrote

i went to the doctor yesterday and got some incredibly good test results for a chronic illness. so good that we're going back to trying a medical intervention that wasn't accessible because my condition had prpgressed past the point of medication intervention being a viable option. but I'm doing well enough now that we're going to try. i am incredibly happy about this.

even though I'm also in a lot of pain due to an unrelated other thing.


asterism wrote

Ah, that's great news! Chronic shit sucks.

I hope the other problem gets better though too.


tuesday OP wrote

can't. that one is a thing that will be wrong until i can get a surgery about it.


kano wrote (edited )

Have planted coriander and 2 types of beans kind of randomly in my potato plot.

Am mentally preparing to start working full time again after nearly a year of first travelling and then just doing stuff around the house here. Really need the money though and have plans for it so that's the only upside here.

Some of the people in my house are getting really on my nerves in the last times. Amazes me sometimes how conservative some ppl are who claim to be anarchists. Really notice this when speaking about migration, and people's circumstances once they come to Europe/Germany. Also bothers me that certain people here are acting like they know what is best for migrants in Europe.

Have been spending a lot of time recently with the person in my house who doesn't speak English. Hanging with him really levels up my German.


tuesday OP wrote

when do you start work?


kano wrote



tuesday OP wrote


I'm so sorry 😞


kano wrote (edited )

I'm really sure that i'm gonna get hit with wage garnishment as well cos i haven't paid my health insurance in a while.


tuesday OP wrote

I'm waiting on mine from a trip to the ER while uninsured