Submitted by stagn in lobby (edited )

This permaculturist assholes are making something "against wildfire"
Somehow I got involved in an assembly, I proposed to organize something on the riskiest days to go to the most fragile, isolated, and naturally valuable ecosystems.
Making patrols to deter any arsonists, i.e., pastoralists.
And take advantage of greater dynamism and speed in nipping fires in the bud while waiting for the fire services that although better equipped to deal with fires might be slower to intervene in impervious areas.
Maybe this is bullshit but it sounds like a good idea to me.

I will avoid their nice empty words and summarize the answer in my own words: What the fuck do we care about the mountains, we have to defend our private property, our villas that we are building with so much work, so we organize to put out fires only if they threaten our private property, rather than deal with the propreblem of a probable environmental massacredisaster they decided that the forested are too far away it is better to pressure the istutizione to protect the The cultivated areas and pastures around them, plus so much talk about laws, cops, how to interloquate with state institutions, how to send formal emails whit formal mechanism whit formal something

I hope everything they have goes up in smoke including those shitty orchards , in their place will grow beautiful asphodels and beautiful oaks



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