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kano OP wrote

Will soon will meet the friend of a friend that I grew up with who came to live in Germany not so long ago. Will be only the 2nd other US American anarchist I've met since I've come to Europe. Should be interesting.

Planting potatoes still, considering planting dwarf beans and coriander as companion plants for them. If someone has suggestions for nice companions for the potatoes I'm all ears.

My parents will come visit me here soon, think they have about 0 experience in radical spaces so I'm interested to see how they'll hold up here.


fortmis wrote

I think anything with shallow roots is good with potatoes, so they don't compete. I've heard of kale and potato going well together, but I don't know why. Guess they just get along ...


tuesday wrote

doing a bake sale for fnb tonight featuring bon bons decorated with a circle a (i made cookies). hopefully the weather clears bc it's cloudy and rainy atm.

I'm in a better place than i was the other day.


asterism wrote

Good to hear your doing better.

You didnt do the bon bons though?


tuesday wrote

no. someone else made those. i made cookies that are lacking anarchist symbolism


asterism wrote

I had a really pleasant dream. The kind that when you wake up you are sad you are no longer in it. I want to go back. TT

Its been a real rough week, I am grateful its Friday. I was going to do this thing on Sunday in my never ending quest to meet people but I don't know if I have it in me anymore, kind of a once a year thing though and I was excited to go so I feel conflicted.

IDK not sure if this is tmi so spoiler tag here I guess.

I find myself becoming some kind of curious (is pancurious a term?) which is just great, another thing to add to my list of things that annoy me about being married. ugh! Wife reiterated on her own this week, without me bringing it up this time, that she has no interest in polyamory and ugh! Super annoying!


lentils wrote

thought i had two weeks left of school until study leave but it turns out i only have one so that's nice