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The post link above contains an update I emailed out to a few archivists and others who I thought might find the information interesting/useful, plus other discussions I've had about the website.

I've pretty much finished filling out all the sections of the website to a good extent, so I've slowed down with adding texts myself.

The project grew into six main categories:

  • Primary Source Documents on Ted K can help researchers understand events as they happened, rather than relying on reflections from years later.
  • The Collected Works of Ted K includes the largest online collection of Ted K's books, essays, stories, translations, drawings, musical compositions and mathematical work.
  • Analysis of Ted's Ideas & Actions includes political and literary analysis, podcast transcripts and more.
  • Suggested Reading contains some potentially valuable lessons that can be drawn from the story of Ted K's life. Plus, the history of political violence related to Ted K and leftist political groups in comparison.
  • Broader Topics is a wide range of texts that simply shows what else the political violence researchers and true crime fans who frequent this website are reading and find interesting discussing.
  • The Criminal Justice System covers everything from; reading on the legislators who advance prison reforms, to the terrorists and freedom fighters who get prosecuted as criminals, to stories of poor people getting arrested for dumpster diving food to feed their family.

All the source PDFs for all the most important texts on the website have been archived on Including 'the 'Primary Source Documents on Ted K' & 'The Collected Works of Ted K':

A spreadsheet has been created collecting together lots of the meta-data, like the source URLs, published dates, etc. here:

Finally, lots of scanned documents have been partially or fully typed up onto the website, such as:



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