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Tequila_Wolf wrote

For me it's been six years, which is not an insignificant portion of my life.

One big change has been that we now have banned phrases, which I think has dramatically decreased how much modding we have to do. Less spam, and fashy turds don't get as far when they can't just say what they want.

I participate but increasingly I've been more interested in affecting my physical surroundings. I have a decent baseline of anarchist theory but am aware of the ways it is divorced from my context, so I'm working on anarchist theory and practice emergent from my context.

I'd say there are a fewer anarchists around at the present than have been. I wonder if any of the anarchists here will come (again) to feel they want to / can put the kind of energy in that it takes for a space like this to pick up more users. Currently I'd say only kano is doing it. Ideally there would be at least a couple more. I'm fine with how things are now, but it's not unusual for me to ask about something anarchists should/could know about in an askRaddle and end up wanting there to have been more and better responses. Raddle should be a resource network for information and entry points to good ideas and practices, and currently we're below threshold for this to be effective.


kano wrote

I see you that you always ask interesting questions, I always feel bad for you that often there isnt a lot of discussion on them. For me it's kind of similar to subrosa the way you write in that it's super interesting or whatever but that it often goes over my head. But I try to respond when I can and usually feel that my response is totally inadequate.

Agree with you about what raddle should be and I'm trying to do what I can to make it so.