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kano wrote (edited )

Ive been looking at raddle since at least 2018, according to the info on the account whose password I forgot.

I think raddle has been one of my favourite sites for a large part of that, and still is. I feel like theres been a lot of changes in that many people come contributed a lot and left.

I feel like there used to be a louder trans presence here before than there is now. Don't know why really think it's sad or idk could reflect on the larger user base poorly?

There's no more /f/shoplifting, on one hand I think that had a positive effect, but I guess somehow it doesn't sit right w me exactly, even though most of what was there was trash as far as I'm concerned.

I want to shout out the raddle TOS and the people that feel responsible to point out/handle violations.

Feel like there's less trolls coming here these days. Sometimes they are entertaining sometimes not idk.

I feel like site has been extremely USA centred in the last months. I also know some of those users who contributed to this aren't here anymore. I don't like that it was. And I consciously make an effort to not to post USA shit too much.

Related /f/USA is in the top 10 most posted forums here and it bothers me. We only need like 10 posts in /f/green to change it, so have at it people

There is much more extensive and as far as I'm concerned dope playlist in /f/HipHop since I've started coming here. Not to big myself up too much and large up the other people who post there like /u/Monday.

It's always been quiet here. Sometimes I wish there was more discussion, but I also often have trouble writing something down. I had the feeling it's quieter than usual recently. Not sure if it's real but if it is I guess it's sad.

I have always appreciated the stuff people link to and write here, and they have good ideas and that's been the case the whole time. And I have learned and continue to learn a lot here.

Maybe I'll think of more later.

Ah I started taking more active part outside of just posting in /f/HipHop in the last months. It makes me happy at least, but I guess y'all can be the judge of that too


Majrelende wrote (edited )

About the louder trans presence... I don't know about all of us, but I think most of us are just tired of talking about it. It feels like there is not much positive to talk about, and if it isn't about states giving permission to be trans, it generally is growing less and less.

I also would love to hear more. But I am lost as to what there is to hear that isn't traumatic.


256 wrote

The quietness might also be a symptom of the lense that US-American legal politics is for gender politics online for some reason; or at least I feel so, I don't even live on the American continents, but still dread the cultural impact the US-American legal issues create in other countries.

The quietness is still odd.


Majrelende wrote

I don't know if I understand really what you were referring to. Could you give another indication?


Antarchtic wrote (edited )

I've been silently trans this whole time, but that's probably mostly due to burnout from my time on reddit. I'm overly cautious about opening up in that regard, but I haven't really seen anything here to make me feel unwelcome here (at least, anything that didn't come from a random troll.)


kinshavo wrote

I am still thinking how to put up a playlist of our posts lol - one 9f my projects here

And I too regret that some users had to delete their accounts, maybe we lost some diversity bc of that.

I have the U S A forum hidden since one user started posting the whole site with petty news about democrats and republicans.


kano wrote (edited )

Hey I remember that and I'm a US American and when they were doing that I was trying to post there some worthwhile stuff, because I take an interest in it even if I ain't there anymore and it definitely bears discussion for me at least.

But yea that was super annoying

And I am too haha I just need some time to experiment with writing a client for raddle.

But I can write out my rough idea elsewhere when I'm not high if you wanna see it.


subrosa OP wrote

Been enjoying your posts and comments in the past couple months. There's more that went through my head reading this, but I'll leave it at that for now.


kano wrote (edited )

Hey I think Ive been reading stuff you write for time at this point, and I enjoy yours too, or you say stuff I find thought provoking, interesting and well reasoned, though relatively often stuff you write about just goes over my head if I'm honest


subrosa OP wrote

Sometimes I write down exactly as thoughts come to mind, and make references to things I've been reading, as lazy invitations to get in on discussions I would like to see more of, hoping someone would test the robustness of my ideas. But I'm a little conflicted on all that — some of it is probably just boring theory blah blah that won't liberate anyone.