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Anything i should check out? probably going to visit a few friends in the north, might visit london for a bit, and maybe a few other places in the south, and possibly wales.

If anyone wants to grab a drink and maybe visit a few record shops while I'm over there probably in September or October lmk!

Also Hoping to maybe play some shows out that way if i can record some material that I’m happy with



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London is the most horrible place i have ever been to but have a nice trip anyway. Would like to see more of England some day. There’s a cool place in Hull that I was supposed to visit at one point but I couldn’t find my passport so I gave up.



I did get weed by going to south London and asking some random dudes in a park. “You’re not gonna rip me off are you?”, “Nah, we ain’t like dat” and sure enough, I got my weed…. Later on I was asked “Can I nick a roll-up?” by some guy and a woman on the tube asked me if I was Irish ☘️.


kano wrote (edited )

Lived in England for a while and have spent time in the north. I really like the Lake District(a national park) Keswick is a charming little town there with a nice large lake nearby called Derwent water. nice nature there

I don't really recommend London as well tbh it's just expensive. I like Birmingham Manchester and Liverpool. Nottingham is also cool. And I've heard good things about Bristol and Brighton, but was never there. Would also recommend going in the Peak District in the central north. Nice nature there too. Yorkshire Dales too is another national park in the north worth visiting.

I think Bristol is pretty well known for its radical scene as well.

If you are in Northeast England you can go look at the Angel of the North, I'm not saying its beautiful, but its impressive somehow.

Also the White Horse in Oxfordshire as well as Stonehenge if like ancient stuff is interesting to you.

In Wales I've heard Bangor on the north coast is really nice, but I've never been to Wales.