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asterism OP wrote (edited )

If my baby cooperates I might have just enough time to do the final dress tonight. Its going to be fantastic. We'll see though.

Oh don't forget voice chat this Sunday if you are interested. I am in a drinky mood so probs going to drink some FYI.

Been doing a lot of thinking but I ain't ready to square with all my own thoughts yet or their implications. Sometimes I wish I was a bit more ... idk stable? seems I am always changing, always for the better but its always difficult.

edit: Eh, the idea of the dress was better than the execution.

I had to try on my wife's wedding dress. Felt poetic and sort of hilarious. But ehhh I don't know, like it was clearly made for someone who has boobs so it sort of just hangs there and I couldn't zip it either.

Oh, well still hilarious.


tuesday wrote

and just like that my situationship is a different situation now. i will miss it.

listening to a podcast about whiteness, like the history of it and it's been an interesting listen so far.


kano wrote

Sometimes I feel like all I do here in this house is go to meetings.

Separately I'm pretty sure I'm going to be offered a job next week. Extremely mixed feelings about it.