The gate-keeping attitude in this forum made me quit it

Submitted by RussianWikiRTleaks in lobby (edited )

This is my last post here. As a newcomer I didn't expect to be met with such hostility and myriad of accusations and how I was a "troll" ...etc. I really hoped that this would be a better alternative to Reddit but the general gate-keeping attitude and unfounded suspicions won't make way to that goal.


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selver wrote (edited )

Your 6 hour old account will surely be missed.


ziq wrote (edited )

ok douche see you next time

try harder tho


Tux18 wrote

What has RussianWikiRTleaks done wrong? I looked through their post history and found nothing of note. A link to an apparently fascist image uploading site, but other than that they don't seem to have any malicious intent.


ziq wrote (edited )


This troll has been playing this game all week. Always makes an account and instantly starts posting imgoat links. Each time they get better at hiding their reactionary nature but they keep the imgoat calling card because of vanity or something.