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tuesday OP wrote

it was 60f (15c) and then it snowed.

so that's cool.


fortmis wrote

Looming rain clouds, very suspenseful. They're taking their sweet time.


capitan wrote


I see the rifles coming over the hill
And if you shout maybe they stop and won't kill
But if you think like me
You'll be as dead as he


lentils wrote

I think it's getting a little warmer here which hopefully means I'll get to find more edible plants


stagn wrote (edited )

A beautiful day, not a single cloud.
A little cold but in the sun is very good.


kano wrote

Finally starting to turn warm here. Wondering if we're gonna get hit with another frost before spring really starts.

I think talking to my parents might have helped matters actually. My sibling told me my mother told them I said wrong shit in our conversation, but they weren't having it and eventually my mom kind of admitted that I had tried to communicate in a healthy way and I guess they had a long but maybe helpful discussion. Also heard from my dad since then and he was also respectful and heard what I was trying to say. So maybe for the time being I'm done with long distance family conflict management.

I need to find a job pretty badly at this point.

Yesterday we laid pipe for waste water in one of the future bathrooms.


capitan wrote

Crazy when you do something and actually get results... like am I god? a wizard?

Sometimes I feel so ineffectual, like a ghost that is just haunting the people around me.


monday wrote

Is there a way to automate the creation of playlists based on music posts?


kano wrote (edited )

Was also thinking about this. I think it's possible but will probably have to sit on it a bit more before I find a good solution.

In what format should the playlist be(YouTube playlist, directory on your computer with MP3 files, Spotify playlist, zip archive with MP3 files, or something else)

Should a new playlist be generated every time there is a new post in a music forum, or does it make more sense to add new songs to an existing playlist, or both?

I guess we would just need to poll the proper forums, idk would be interested to have a go at it, should this be automatic or manual? Does raddle put limitations on requests a client sends? Do the other hosts which raddle links too put limitations as well?

I guess we would also need to figure out how to parse out the relevant part of the linked page, which may include various invidious instances, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and more.

Also the format of the application itself idk should it be like a command line program, should it be a server who you can send requests too for different playlist types, should it be like a raddle bot that crawls raddles pages and then creates a playlist(in one of the format's described above) on a remote server? Could it be an integral part of the postmill software?

Maybe it's good to make a separate post to get a list of requirements or other people's ideas


veuzi wrote

I've been given pretty chill days at work (i.e. mostly stayovers) since I got the notice, and haven't gone overtime as a result. I may not be getting fired after all, at least not immediately. Still going to a job interview for a different cleaning job on monday, though.

Got to bring home some of the unclaimed lost & found stuff today. Snagged a couple of plain black and navy blue baseball caps (perfect for bloc), a decent pair of sneakers, some pants and a raincoat (that's also perfect for bloc).


ratratratrat wrote

took a long bike ride today, trying to get more exercise while i am on spring break but the time change is really messing with my sleep :(


256 wrote

I help translating with a game licensed under CC-BY-SA and now someone is also publishing it for 20$ on Steam. In my language, I helped translate and now I feel a bit robbed, because I helped under the implied condition that that was not possible. Also the money goes to the dev who publishes it on Steam.


capitan wrote

Yeah that is really frustrating. IIRC lots of open source programs, like GIMP, were being sold in the windows store and the money going to some randos. I wish stores had a better way of flagging that. While it is technically legal, it is also very much a Dick Move.

Can you leave a review of the game without buying it?


256 wrote

I wouldn't mind so much if people could download it for free on Steam as well and if the money would go to tickets.