Submitted by ziq in lobby

Was changing tire, jack failed, hand crushed, almost lost fingers, won't be around much



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kinshavo wrote

Wow. Take care, hope you get a quick recovery and the bastards pay your leave properly..

I swear I posted that without seeing your post


kano wrote

Sorry hope you recover ok


__0 wrote

Terrible to hear! My heart goes out to you ziq! Hopefully there is some sort of physical rehabilitation you can take to get your hand functioning a bit more over time if it isn’t completely fucked. Really feel for you, take care of yourself! Healing can take a long time ❤️


veuzi wrote

Ouch. Hope you get all movement back to your fingers


veuzi wrote (edited )

Another note, from someone who has suffered a wrist fracture and had to wear a cast on my dominant hand for months.

If your dominant hand is out of play for the next foreseeable future, now is a good time time to train your non-dominant hand and that may have the benefit of making you more ambidextrous for certain tasks in the future when your dominant hand recovers. If the injury is in your non-dominant hand, then likewise, your dominant hand will get stronger. And maybe you can even do things you needed to do two-handed, one-handed.

Best wishes


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Injury is in dom hand, will do


fortmis wrote (edited )

You got this. Ambidextrous-ness is so cool


Fool wrote

Ouch... I hope the damage isn't too bad.

Having assisted someone that lost parts of fingers, assuming surgery was undertaken, you're at the beginning of a very long recovery.


ziq OP wrote

Surgery and metal rods inserted


Fool wrote

Wolverine makes it seem awesome, but all you get is more than a month of regularly changing dressing, plus scar tissue messing up finger flexibility, plus potentially never regaining the full capacity of your hand.

Plus all the pain...

... Bummer, hope things are going okay.


ziq OP wrote

the hospital is an hour drive away and i can't drive until at least the end of april so the weekly dressing changes are really becoming a problem (no public transport here). wish they'd just let me do it myself, it looks simple enough


roanoke9 wrote

Hope you recover fully. Wishing you well.



Oh fuck, sorry to hear that. Wish you well! ✊


fail wrote

get well soon


lentils wrote

that's terrible. hope you get well soon.


mofongo wrote

That's awful, hope you get well soon.


zephyr wrote

terrible! i hope you regain full use of your hand quickly.