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Something that bothers me is when people put aesthetics before safety, or when people normalize thought processes that further the marginalization of people.

Unfortunately i still have Facebook because its the only way to contact a few of my closest friends, and marketplace is the only place to get second hand stuff for reasonable prices in my town… when i read the same absurdly inane comments on local news stories, everyone coming to the same absurd conclusions, i feel like i’m losing my mind. I feel like i must be delusional to have such a different framework for the way i see these things, like how could everyone be so wrong! How could people support laws that do nothing good for them? How could people support the military industrial complex, the police, prisons, throwing homeless people in jail, cities built for cars instead of people, hostile architecture, etc etc…

How do people sleep at night? I can’t!

Once again i think about dropping out of society. Hiking up a mountain, and never coming back and reading bad takes ever again, ideally i could convince all my friends to come with me lmao, its a funny fantasy 🙃



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its a funny fantasy

No, it’s not. Many people drop out of society and I’m working towards it myself and have been for years. There’s no hope, mankind is doomed. Let’s make love and have fun. I’m sorry. Scandinavian comfort has rotted my brain. 🥲


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I am truly perpetually frustrated with everything in the world. Ironically though I really like my work right now… i wish i could just work 6-10 days a week, and fill the rest of my time doing odd quests, helping people, trying new things, teaching people new skills, etc. its not as hard as it seems but the way my life is set up forces me to be far less nomadic than i feel naturally inclined to be, the way the world is mediated by the digital world now means people are participating in online communities instead of ones in geographic space, and so called “real life” is a bit of an afterthought. The fact is that spaces for people with alternative outlooks on life are expensive to operate and have been priced out of many towns, theres very little accessible common space where you don't have to buy anything to be there.


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I pay so so so much to rent, it’s financially debilitating, it makes me want to just walk into the sunset, i dont really care that i’m living in the bustle of a city. Its tough because i’m living with my partner and i want them to have the opportunity to see what its like living here as its a good life experience in some ways, but i feel like living in expensive cities is over for me, the place i want to be is a really middle of nowhere place, that has tonnes of abandoned properties that are so cheap that its worth getting a loan and buying instead of squatting. That way i can host all sort of strangers and freaks, and do events and sell old junk from my place instead of what i’m doing now; that is funding my landlord’s retirement. Living in am expensive box that doesn’t even have proper warm water for the bath :(


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Sometimes i also get very sad thinking about how negatively capitalism effects the people i care about, how financial stress forces people to stay in unhealthy relationships, how overworking drains people of the energy they need to maintain healthy relationships and makes it harder for people to find time for personal development, how things that could be simple joys are made inaccessible, such as live music, because the places that prioritize accessibility and cultural participation and self determination are priced out of even run down warehouses in distant industrial areas.