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A silly title but i don't know how else to title
Also the sort of thing i would probably post on my own little forum but I do not have one yet so maybe in future I will and then i can say lots more. until then, a little bit here :) Sorry if there is a better forum

Just thinking about what things and creation mean to me. I love to take things people call garbage and make something new. I love to tidy and give everything a home so it's most useful, easy to find.
Things are just things on one hand, but also sometimes easy to forget where things come from and what it takes, especially with mass production. So no matter what i like to try think about this and be grateful.

i wish these circumstances different and I want to fight how i can to help that, make what i can, restore or repurpose as much as possible, teach others skills too. But it's hard to avoid all this especially when disabled.
I try not to guilt myself, but there were real materials and in at least one step real people involved in making and getting my things to me. I want to always remember and be grateful for that, to treasure do my best to keep these things "alive" in some sense as long as possible not just discard. I do not want that work and material to just waste.

It is easy to regret and feel shame, but not always helpful. be grateful i say, not the way of someone cruel telling you to "shut up and be happy", but just remembering everything comes from somewhere and taking steps to preserve where possible



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Fool wrote

It's definitely a dilemma paring ease of acquisition vs. respect for the material object.

I have a lot of possessions because people around me buy lots of stuff, and I don't like to see things just wasted, but I also don't try to pass things on to people either. So I just have lots of stuff that I have no real attachment to, but don't want it get rid of.


rattledlove1139 OP wrote

I get that because my family have bought me, very much grown adult just with brain problems, books and things for literally toddlers. With gifts i try figure out if maybe some use regardless, but things i can not find use eventually do just give up.
What sort of places you have to give and donate things? Not thrift stores those last resort because get so much that just throw out lots anyway. But maybe someone next door appreciate new dishes or extra clothes can go to shelter. Towels and sheets, animal shelters love those. Craft supplies could go to schools, if you don't have crafty friend to take any. There is lot of cool places things can go to get real use :)