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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

Glad to hear!



ziq OP wrote

I think you should turn that ticket around comrade. We have to be realistic if we're going to defeat fascism again, and Manchin is simply the more tried and tested candidate in that team-up. He knows how to appeal to the South.


brocialistslaughter wrote

Agreed, nominating Harris as our #1 risks alienating all those fine white Southerners we need on our team to stave off fascism for another 4 years. It's just too risky. We need another mature and refined gentleman with cross-the-aisle appeal to come to our rescue again, and dare I say, Manchin has the makings of just that.


TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

You're absolutely right, comrade....have to make sure the police are funded enough to keep us safe AND energy companies' appetites are fed so they can keep our gas cheap.


Potkea wrote

No comrade, Manchin is insufficient. He's too conservative for democrats and too liberal for republicans. He wouldn't have any popular appeal.

Only a DeSantis-Harris ticket can save us from Tronald Drumpf's transphobia and fascism.


Archaplain wrote

/srs what would it take for @ to do something similar to what we did over at c@ rn?