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fortmis wrote

Reply to comment by monday in Friday Free Talk by monday

Any more info on where these convos are taking place // and how they're going?


monday OP wrote

Sorry the late reply on this, but I wasn't really keep tracking on this convos bc it's Twitter hysteria bleeding on mastodon and probably other places like raddle and AnarchyPlanet conglomerate.

It obvious that the people saying that the original Emma Goldman stuff to be deleted was bluffin, the point was with Hakim Bey and Landstreicher. The sides on this argument always try to threat or disqualify the other side, I really don't care, anarchism irl is even more problematic and the discussions online seems like overkill for subjects like this, we grant to much importance imho.

And sorry if this is unreadable, I don't want to make it more easy to read


fortmis wrote

the discussions online seems like overkill

extremely true. I'm willing to go to word battle though in order to prevent people from pressuring the Library to start removing texts (although, as ziq mentioned, it seems fair to give them the right to remove Lloyd's texts, seeing as he consciously fucked with / manipulated them)