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moonlune wrote

I'm reading the tales of earthsea by Ursula le Guin (my first of her) and it'd pretty good. I love her world building and the way it's written, like an old epic/myth/tale.

Thanks /u/GroundFrost for the indirect recommendation haha. Btw, /u/fortmis how was the ghibli binge?

I've just finished the second book, looking forward to the next ones.


fortmis wrote

Internet tres tres slow where I am. It buckles under the weight of my video downloads. So I leave the computer on overnight to download files... undercover of darkness....
All this to say, I was only able to watch Castle of Cagliostro last night. But I stocked up and I have Nausicaa all ready to go.
Castle was epic for sure. Loved the twist at the end... When Clarisse confesses her love and Wolf is like "I ... love you...LIKE A BROTHER." To be honest, I wish it had been more of a action duo vibe, -- with Wolf and Daisuke doing more together. Loved when he paired up with the Inspector though.
The politics are like.... Why don't we get to do it like this anymore! That shit was StrAighT UP... almost on the nose. When the inspector goes to parliament and is like LOOK at all this EVIDENCE and all the politicians are like mmmmmmm No. Loved to see it so up front in an animation like this.... I said Listen up KIDS.
Also, living in a country where the value of the currency has tanked beyond belief, I very much condone a film where the villain is someone who prints cash for his own use, thus rendering it valueless and fucking over entire economies.