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fortmis wrote

Reply to comment by monday in Friday Free Talk by monday

I'm of the belief that the writings should stay available but have prefaces / accompanying notes that give some detail relating to the authors' backgrounds -- both the dodgey stuff and the good stuff


monday OP wrote

I agree, I would even go back and reinstate Atassa. Not sure if I am 100% with ziq comment saying that librarians are not editors in the sense they only make things available but, they are actually publishing texts on the @library platform, its not like a file repository or torrent bay. They do have the power to write notes, biographies (I would like very much to know some of the authors better), etc.

And again, anyone that agrees that @library should have any authority over online anarchism is someone that probably want Anarcho police and Anarcho laws


fortmis wrote

There's also this insightful comment from /u/subrosa about how it's important for a library to reflect the relationships between reader and author. And the anarchist library risks being a platform for just about anything when it allows uploads direct from the writer.
I think your comment about wanting to get to know authors is relevant to the importance of the reader/writer relationship.