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monday wrote

Well, like shit to be honest. My vacations finished yesterday so I am feeling miserable in having 5o work once again..

I remembered that great part of my melancholy comes from the "need to work". I need to speed up my plans I guess, more time I spend pretending being a citizen is wasting my joy and my vitality. I need to drop out asap.

How about you? Sorry sometimes I can't keep with all your posts, but I hope you are doing alright


asterism OP wrote

ah, no need to apologize, honestly I dont really expect anyone to read my stuff, its always a pleasant surprise when people interact.

I guess I feel mixed. Sort of burnt out but hopeful.

I will echo the "need to work" stuff. It messes me up to. It frustrates me because I dont have the energy to put into things I actually want to do. I am working towards working less soon, we will see if it pans out though, money has been really tight lately despite me making some smart moves in that area.

My relationship with my wife took a drastic 180 so things have been much better, she has changed a lot in a short period of time and we have a much better dynamic now.

There is a couple other things coming up that I am looking forward too.


monday wrote

Nice to hear about your relationship, I hope I get some luck this year too


threeorientpuppers wrote

Yeah kinda feeling miserable here too. I just finished a 6 week vacation to recover from burnout, and I feel like I'm right back to feeling frustrated about doing work that I don't really like.

On the one hand it's just a means to an end, but man it's draining.


rattledlove1139 wrote

Tiredddd i woke up early and my brain wouldn't let me go back to sleep again. Very rude beast inside my head. But also having fun


mima wrote

Still hungover from the holidays... I wanna sleep forever!


ratratratrat wrote

I feel very very bad, nauseous and it keeps getting worse, and it’s “sooo great” (sarcasm) because i know this will keep me out of school for a couple more days which will then have people piling on me to make up all the work while also dealing with a chronic illness 😐. it is my last semester of this stupid stuff so i am happy about that but i wish i could just drop out and not have everyone in my life scream at me, all school has been for especially the last 3 years is suffering while i am in constant pain, tiredness and nausea and everyone expects me to do the same as everyone else and have no problem with it.


asterism OP wrote

Yeah, school sucks as it is w/o the chronic illness and family (I presume) getting on you.

Happy your almost done though.


anarresinfoshop wrote

Every hour that I work, I remember what I am working for.

It's not the customers, it's not my bosses, it's not even me.

It's the people and things that I care about, beyond myself.

It's for a future without work.

Despite the inherent contradiction, despite the proliferation of pessimism, this does help me. So I try to remember why I work. This won't carry me all the way to the future I want, but it's needed right now.

I think if people thought about work, in terms of an operationalized justification for why they are working, it will get us closer to a future with less work. But not all the way there.

I hope, one day, I can live without working for money at all. Instead, I would work at giving gifts directly, instead of with money. But that is a long way from here, isn't it? At least, in the complete sense. We can give little gifts right now, ones without money, and we should, because it keeps us alive. Because it makes me happy.

One day, somehow, someway, we will all be free.