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Don't remember how i found this but hi I like the rules and things here. Sorry my brain is not great writing is hard and reading too but I want to try understand more things I just think everyone should get to live safe you know? I like to mend clothes and tidy things some day I want to help people with that like to help tidy a place so they can help more people quicker. I'm no front line or smart person but I want to do things and support others :)



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subrosa wrote

Greetings. Don't sell yourself short, and enjoy your stay.

What's rattledlove1139 mean?


rattledlove1139 OP wrote

Thank you thank you
I couldn't think a username so I chose rattle because it sounds like raddle then added stuff because others were already taken that's all :)


tuesday wrote

hi, feel free to ask lots of questions.


Bird wrote

Hello, always happy to see new friendly people.



JackBinimbul wrote

I'm new here too.

You are more than what you do. You are more than human capital. You are valuable just by being.



SnowCode wrote

Hey you sound great! Do you plan on making tutorials of some sort or explaining how to mend clothes and tidy things? I would be interested and I 'm sure many others would be too.


idkalice wrote

hey, hope you can find what you're looking for