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Basil wrote

On break from Uni so I'm finally letting myself play video games again. I miss a lot of the people back at school already though.

I've been musing about art a lot recently. I don't know, I like to write, both prose and poetry, and I want to make something bigger. I started writing a book of letters, roughly based on my experiences, but I'm worried it's a bit too self-centred. Oh well, I suppose I'll press on. Hopefully by the time I hit about 50,000 words, I like it more. I think I'm around 2,500 right now.

Other than that, I keep finding myself in strange situations romantically. I have a recurring pattern in my life where women who are in long distance relationships and whose name begins with C keep falling for me. My first relationship was like that, and then it happened at least twice more this semester, maybe thrice depending on how you count it. Just kind of rolling along with each of them at the moment, hoping one of them will somehow become single and I can start a relationship. It's kinda fucked, over the summer when I wasn't interested in anyone I was so mentally and emotionally stable, and now I am doing so much worse. Sometimes I wish I were aroace, it feels like that would be easier in my situation. Ah well, I just gotta make the best of it I guess.