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moonlune wrote

Yesterday my coworkers all harassed one other coworker calling him lazy until he got angry and then they all laughed at him because apparently that was a game they were playing? I feel like I'm back in primary school all over again.


asterism OP wrote

yeah it certainly sounds a lot like being in school damn (or around most of the males in my family for that matter)


asterism OP wrote (edited )

I get two three day weekends in a row. I am excited. I usually only get one day weekends,

I have been doing a lot of musing over goals and life and such lately. Getting tired of my boring af life. Or rather MORE tired. But I think I am just stuvk grinding away for the time being.Finally set a finncial boundary with my wife. All of my primary job check now goes into an account she cant access, that should help things some.

Its been bitter cold here this week and the city keeps targeting homeless encampments through the whole thing. Its fucked up theres been two major encampments cleared out (that I am aware of) this past week. Last night temperatures got down to -15 farenheit (-26 celsius) and the wind was going pretty strong too..


Bird wrote

Due to the magic of very old house with a broken furnace and no safely usable fireplaces, I can see my breath inside, and a glass of water froze solid overnight last night next to my bed. Hasn't gotten above freezing once today even indoors. Was literally better off when I was living in a rural cabin. I'm grumpy about this.



kano wrote

We had a fire on wednesday with mulled wine despite some rain, and drove yesterday to a project in a nearby city for a winter dinner. We burned a christmas tree.

have to do a coding challenge next week for a job I'm not sure I want.


asterism OP wrote

Everyones been talking about mulled wine. I have never had it but it sounds delightful.


kano wrote

I personally am not a huge fan but its nicer to drink that outside in the cold then beer. Its a really huge thing in Germany way more then in the USA I feel like


NOISEBOB wrote (edited )

what? it's not friday today?

partner and child are going away for xmas and i'm staying home, meeting with friends instead, everyone assumes something is very wrong and we must be about to break up or something. i just want time off family and do music for a week. partner may also have found a friend and i feel relieved, fingers crossed.

Basil wrote

On break from Uni so I'm finally letting myself play video games again. I miss a lot of the people back at school already though.

I've been musing about art a lot recently. I don't know, I like to write, both prose and poetry, and I want to make something bigger. I started writing a book of letters, roughly based on my experiences, but I'm worried it's a bit too self-centred. Oh well, I suppose I'll press on. Hopefully by the time I hit about 50,000 words, I like it more. I think I'm around 2,500 right now.

Other than that, I keep finding myself in strange situations romantically. I have a recurring pattern in my life where women who are in long distance relationships and whose name begins with C keep falling for me. My first relationship was like that, and then it happened at least twice more this semester, maybe thrice depending on how you count it. Just kind of rolling along with each of them at the moment, hoping one of them will somehow become single and I can start a relationship. It's kinda fucked, over the summer when I wasn't interested in anyone I was so mentally and emotionally stable, and now I am doing so much worse. Sometimes I wish I were aroace, it feels like that would be easier in my situation. Ah well, I just gotta make the best of it I guess.