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subrosa wrote

I have my doubts about anyone caring to read these months later. Maybe let's just stop taking things to raddle court.


subrosa wrote (edited )

Hell, I can go for something that can be denounced as "raddle court", it's really just a bit worrysome to see folks handing out 24h time-outs and to-whatever-extent-explicit demands for apologies.

edit: just a bunch of edits, today I'm bad at words


wednesday wrote

i do not think this is an accurate description of what happened, in particular the (implied or inferred) cause of BR deleting her account.

but i also agree that "raddle court" is not something that's ever likely to be a useful way of resolving conflict.


Majrelende OP wrote (edited )

Thank you: I've changed it so far to reflect the uncertainty of the cause of bloodrose's account being deleted. I see about the implied cause and why it was problematic, and hopefully the edit is sufficient to fix it.

This is just my understanding from a few snippets of information though. If you think I have anything else totally wrong then say so, but otherwise I would encourage you to write your own account of the situation. I don't wish to defend the idea of "raddle court", but hopefully we can learn from this and remember what not to do the next time something like it happens.


tuesday wrote

i think at issue (not speaking for anyone but myself right now) is that there aren't necessarily lessons to be learned in the specific details of what happened. this is a problem of reactions, not really content.


tuesday wrote (edited )

i would not call what happened over the past few days a failure of mediation, or even an attempt at mediation.

mediation is a guided conversation between two people and an uninvolved third person. and only those three (or however many people are involved) and no one else. the very setup of raddle makes mediation difficult, if not impossible.


asterism wrote (edited )

you have things mixed together from two different posts one of which was not a problem at all, its very misleading, I would prefer there not be an account of this at all.

edit: let me state I wouldnt have a problem with an accurate account say if someone archived what was said. However that didnt happen so any account is going to be wildly innaccurate and since I am involved I would prefer either an accurate account or none at all.

obviously you can do as you will but thats my piece.


Majrelende OP wrote (edited )

Thank you for responding and telling me; I don't know nearly as much as I thought, and so I removed my writing. Maybe an account of the situation (which is impossible anyway) isn't so desirable as reflection? I'm not sure, but I still have hope we can learn something from this.


Exlurker wrote

This incident really taught me about the downside of passion. Passion and investment make people 's opinions worth a damn but also endanger them. Compare this to the sheer amount of raddle users who didn't even delete their accounts but merely faded away.


fortmis wrote

Tricky, but a good idea if we're able to make it work?