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Tecate_Coyote wrote

i think there is a middle ground where through intentional thought you create the bounds of what your madness will spur you to do.

I steal a lot and at this point it’s in my muscle memory to assess camera location, where the clerks are, whether i seem suspect or not (thats the logic side) and the madness inspires the actual action of moving something into my pocket.

or with anything you want to get away with, as I assume the praxis you’re doing is illegal as otherwise why would you care about opsec and plans, start small and easy.

like if you’re end goal is to rob a bank and distribute the wealth to the local homeless guy Joe Bob, start with planning out how you’re going to steal some socks from the local dick’s and give that to someone. and then build off it, so that when your plans seem so grandiose and crazy and your palms are sweaty and you’re a lil paranoid, you can look back at what you did successfully and say “hey, maybe i am a capable human and it’s within my reach to actualize this dream”


Fool moderator wrote

For this aim, start by overthrowing a small country, like Vatican City, and work your way up to Galactic Empires.



Tecate_Coyote wrote

man, i feel blessed getting a response from the fool


Fool wrote

A small child dressed as a squirrel climbs onto the formless platform.

The sound of a raspberry being blown

The child flees before the monks can react.