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Fool wrote

Well as long as you enjoy it.

It seems weird to me, but I'm weird as.

Doom scrolling just leaves me angry with myself, what I could have done instead, but that's my decision to feel it is a waste, so I don't judge you for enjoying it.

I've found reading to be a better choice, for the same movement on my phone... But I know that there are other activities I don't do that I'd probably enjoy more.

So don't feel bad for enjoying what you like, and don't feel bad for feeling angry.

Breathing Exercises and Walking in Nature are not an end in and of themselves, they are just useful for getting your mind into the present moment, rather than pondering ones memories or creating non-existent futures.

If you're trying to stop an emotion because it is "bad", then you'll always end up angry. Having emotions without judging yourself is useful for getting to an emotional state that you control, anger can be useful.

Apologies if this seems like preaching, or trying to push something on you.


Loof wrote

Stop Doomscrolling!

Start Joyscrolling!


SnowCode wrote

Hello, I stopping being on Raddle for several months for that reason. It impacted me negatively I think. Now I might come back more often. Something that really helped me was having some kind of journal or blog where I would share what I feel, think, live and need. It helps me see much more clearly and it helped me feeling much better.

When I do it I feel like I am "talking" to someone, I feel understood and I also understand many things about myself. And on top of that it really improved my communication skills about emotions when I talk to others which make conflicts and stressful situations much easier to handle.

At least that's just for me.


Exlurker OP wrote

Already tried that but I just don't find it easy to talk IRL with friends/uneasy alliances(my equivalent 99%).

I can tell you that I wouldn't be an anarchist if I found others easy to work with.


roanoke9 wrote

To paraphrase Wesley from A Princess Bride: "Life is doomscrolling m'lady. Anyone who says differently is selling something." /half-sarcasticish?