Submitted by __0 in lobby (edited )

I know way less about computers than i would like so I’ve been struggling to set stuff up … But i kinda want to make some sort of upload page, and set up user quotas. If you’re interested in having some space on there ill dm you login info when its semi functional. I just want to set it up so its an actual coherent thing first…


Honestly might just set up accounts for ssh first and let you all mess around with the really limited server i have running…

Im thinking of running an irc, anon sftp server, as well gemini, gopher etc. maybe a bbs over telnet idk 🤷‍♀️



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lettuceLeafer wrote

Honestly consider the kinda garbage people the roll through raddle from tor I would not be suprised if pedos try to jump on and use it to distribute links to CP websites. That was literally my first thought when I heard noisebobs idea.


asterism wrote

yeah thats you will need to vet users personally before giving credentials to do stuff.


__0 OP wrote

Yeah i was thinking of only giving access to people who i trust & people who i think would upload interesting content.


__0 OP wrote

/u/noisebob think you mentioned this in a post somewhere the 5mb to do anything thing?




just a random low number

.. it's just that html doesn't take up much space, in itself..