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cool! thanks.. there are 250+ users on

i'll be in the #chitcore channel if you need me


asere_que_vola wrote

Anarchy Planet IRC server information here via The Anarchist Library link:

Glad you found the IRC server. You have to stick around for a reply though. IRC is slow. The Anarchy Planet IRC has been around in various incantations since 2005 or so. The most popular channels are #anarchyplanet which is a general chat room and #library which is The Anarchist Library project channel. I saw on fediverse that It’s Going Down is/was considering hosting an IRC server, which I think would be cool to see and help people get off Discord.

Riseup has a channel on IRC server : port for SSL connection : 6697 channel : #riseup web interface :

Also, this list of radical servers on is a good place to start looking for anarchist IRC servers.

For example, I believe hosts an IRC, but not 100% without looking. There is also IRC which a few anarchist chats can be found on.



thank you..

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i didn't look, but this information should be in the raddle wiki.. maybe its already there... i will have a look!