Submitted by NOISEBOB in lobby

freenode sold out, i heard.. and i don't run a server these days.. does raddle have a IRC channel anywhere?

i'd like to chit-chat while my computer is on, which it is always these days...

where did all the raddle-nerds go?



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lettuceLeafer wrote

There is anarchy planet IRC. Tho I doubt many use it. The anarchist library has a IRC I"ve had brief convos in. but thats it



cool! thanks.. there are 250+ users on

i'll be in the #chitcore channel if you need me


asere_que_vola wrote

Anarchy Planet IRC server information here via The Anarchist Library link:

Glad you found the IRC server. You have to stick around for a reply though. IRC is slow. The Anarchy Planet IRC has been around in various incantations since 2005 or so. The most popular channels are #anarchyplanet which is a general chat room and #library which is The Anarchist Library project channel. I saw on fediverse that It’s Going Down is/was considering hosting an IRC server, which I think would be cool to see and help people get off Discord.

Riseup has a channel on IRC server : port for SSL connection : 6697 channel : #riseup web interface :

Also, this list of radical servers on is a good place to start looking for anarchist IRC servers.

For example, I believe hosts an IRC, but not 100% without looking. There is also IRC which a few anarchist chats can be found on.



thank you..

10:32:10 anarchy -- | asere_que_vola: No such nick
10:32:10 anarchy -- | [asere_que_vola] End of /WHOIS list.

i didn't look, but this information should be in the raddle wiki.. maybe its already there... i will have a look!


custody_showdown wrote

CGI:IRC The only secure IRC. Highly active non toxic community. Then there is also DarkForest. Same same if not better. Both are just as active if not more than Raddle.

Raddle won't allow for hidden service links, message me if you would like one.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


wednesday wrote

i don't really understand OP comment... CGI:IRC isn't a server/community/whatever, it's just a web-based IRC client that anyone can host.


lettuceLeafer moderator wrote

actually thinking about it. I think this is the same person as granite. Absolute edgelord very intent on promoting shitty no name dark net forums over and over. I don't think its cp its just them trying to promote their forum with like 3 people.