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lettuceLeafer wrote

I've been going to the ready group with Cory from immediatism. It's pretty chill. So if anyon s looking for a reading group that could be an option. Plus u could see my face. Very spicy


existential1 wrote

I forgot that was a thing! I had wanted to go awhile back but I honestly am too busy right now to read anything on a schedule.


roanoke9 wrote

Okay. I'm off reddit for good. Is it fedjacketting to wonder why every 3rd question on @101 seems like what would an agent provacatuer ask? Or is it just that the cop in their head is so strong they may as well be getting paid for it? In other news I might've found a very nearby crappy job to get.


asterism OP wrote

No I have noticed it to. Not unlike how a certain forum here seemed to turn out.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

I fucked up when I installed linux and pretty much lost everything.

I thought I knew how partitions worked. I didn't.

"But Captain; surely you backed your stuff up beforehand!"

I sure did. For reasons I won't get into, that drive isn't an option anymore. c:

So after running photorec or whatever I have...27,232 files to scrawl through and hope that I can pick up the pieces; I have my Firefox history due to having sync activated (Not that I knew, but it was a pleasant surprise).

The video games and their saves I can sort of go without (I mean, I can just redownload and replay the ones I never beat, no biggie); but I had an extensive writing hobby and have been working on shit for almost a fucking decade and that's the most devastating loss of all, tbh.

The good news? I'm no longer using Windows 10 on my laptop (which I use for pretty much anything that isn't gaming). Ask me in a couple of weeks if it was worth it; I've been telling myself that everything that I can get back was superfluous baggage.

Also, getting over a cold.


asterism OP wrote

Welcome to the linux club (Its basically required you bork a harddrive to join /s)



when_you_sleep wrote

this also happened to me once but on windows, luckily i was able to recover most of the files but since then i've preferred to use linux over windows, also what distro are you using?


OdiousOutlaw wrote

I went with mint since that was what was recommended for new users from windows.

Probably gonna stick with that for a while; this has been a pretty stressful experience.


when_you_sleep wrote

linux mint is just great for starting with linux, i wish i also started with mint but thanks to the very toxic reddit linux community i ended up thinking that mint was for "normies and idiots" and using something like arch was "based", so i ended up using manjaro with gnome and it wasn't a very nice experience a a begginer.

so i'm glad you started with mint, and please don't let others make you feel bad for your distro choice, always remember that there are not bad distros, just different distros :)


asterism OP wrote

As an arch user manjaro is the worst and I found it way less intuitive than arch. not to mention the people behind it regularly make huge blunders in terms of security and updates. just use arch's installer or if you must go graphical endevourOS.

but yeah who reccomends arch to a beginner?

Mint is awesome though.


SnowCode wrote

Arch is good for a very specific kind of beginners. It's good for beginners that want to use Linux to tinker with their system, do weird shit and learn how shit works. Definitely not the 'classic' beginner that just want to quit Windows.