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subrosa wrote (edited )

subrosa right on the edge of quitting anarchy forever because it's all so incredibly tedious and exasperating

I'm close to quitting the online adaptation of Anarchism. What a flop. But anarchy is still butterflies in my belly, in love and at war like it's day one for me.

6, 10-14, 28, 33 are highlights. I'm here for the lack of masses chiming in.


ziq OP wrote

I suspect 10 is the reason this site has been on its death bed for 4 years


asterism wrote

I'm putting "/u/subrosa's favorite forum" on my forum and linking this.

Call it false advertising but I am still doing it lol.


monday wrote

Someday I will fulfill ziq prophecy


ziq OP wrote

there was a meme i made once set in the future where i'm the only one left on the site and i'm just talking to myself in every post