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lettuceLeafer wrote

CW extremely white tourist

I havn't experienced this because I havn't gone to any tourist areas, but on puerto rican reddit locals say that white tourists always say the same joke on the El Yunque National Forest tours. Now the tourists never know any spanish (not that I'm one to talk). so they always just call it the junky forest and love cracking jokes about "why are we paying money to go to a junky forest, wow Puerto ricos national forest is a junky forest? why not make have a nice one instead? and similar such jokes. Can u imagine having to listen to white assholes say the same fucking insulting joke every day. ugh

I talked with cory and a few other people for a couple hours about deleuze. It was fun

Two days ago I literally looked at getting a year long lease on an apartment. I did it for a while and then became horrified at such a vile concept. Then spent some time attacking that lib in my head. God whats next will I start job hunting on indeed? jesus

Also,I don't have to wonder why all the rental listings in english include guards and gated communities. Which is something. (I looked at them because the rich white area is way more walk-able. White people basically own all the coastal property in this city while the farther you get from the ocean the less american it gets.


moonlune wrote

whats next will I start job hunting on indeed

I've done that lol. I'm subscribed to every job board I know.

Although I won't need that anymore as I'm starting next Monday (yay?)