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wednesday wrote

Reply to comment by tuesday in Friday Free Talk by asterism

how do they know whether you voted or not? that's creepy.


lettuceLeafer wrote

the USA has voter registration info public. I has no info on web info sale sights until I registered to vote for a job. Then I had my address available, my phone number, people I live next to, where I wen to school ect all available on looking up my name. Voting on some level literally advocates Americans dox them self lol. Not to mention really helps the state serve you are warrant or hunt you down for a warrant at a later date.

Tho as you can imagine those who cry about voting don't worry or care about such issues.


tuesday wrote

Like lettuce explained it's publicly available information. If you vote who you vote for is not recorded (anymore, it used to be - leading to black men being murdered after they were granted the right to vote if they voted for anything other than the Democrats (who were the party of the South at the time)).