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tuesday wrote

Reply to comment by asterism in 🔥🏴🔥 by kinshavo

this just listed the 5 strengths you have. three of mine were about thinking and two were community building. they listed the downside to the strengths though and mine were like "you're boring, depressing and all alone."


asterism wrote

lol, wrecked!

fwiw I dont think thats true. I mean I dont know if your alone but the others don't seem true.

tuesday wrote

it's mostly true. though to be fair to myself a lot of the worst "in my head"ness about me are tempered by the community building strengths. maybe i like to spend a lot of time in my own head and buried in books and research I'm equally curious about and interested in other people. i love seeing people do things they love and i enjoy using my big brain skills to help other people.


Chairman_Meh wrote

They wouldn't let you select your own answers? "These bullshit questions", "This bullshit propaganda class", and "This bullshit clown college alumni meeting posing as school administration" seems like it should be on the list.

State administered negging, happy times.


tuesday wrote

i opted to take the test. like it was for school, but not required. it was an optional thing.