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Chairman_Meh wrote

oh shit tomorrow is friday


kinshavo OP moderator wrote

This week was a blur for me


Chairman_Meh wrote

The whole year's been a damn blur for all of us, it feels like. I had to step way back from a lot of my mutual aid activities and activism and try to concentrate on making bills. Thankfully it was my mutual aid connections and network that have saved my ass a lot more than I would have expected this year, and the people have done more to reach out to help, support, and refer me to stuff more than any other group. It really helps cement the need for these types of groups and building some kind of community with like-minded folx, and I wish I'd learned about all kinds of things much earlier in life, and I wish I was more intelligent to know how to spread it more. It really showed me why there's such a concerted effort to attack anarchism, non-state communism, and all the other boogeyman -isms.

How bout you, what's been driving your days together?


fortmis wrote

what sort of mutual aid work are you doing??


Chairman_Meh wrote

Nothing fancy, it's just a way of saying "helping people out occasionally" that helps trigger one side and drag in the other side. Hospital/med/food bank runs, free store help/labor, occasional showing up to lend a body where bodies are needed.

The big thing I was trying that I had to pause for a while was zine/book distribution, stuff like organizing how-tos and the occasional spicier thing. I'll get back to that soon. If I find a spot in here I'll dump my free zine links but I think you all already have the ones I've found.


Chairman_Meh wrote

Coming back to say I got a second job.

.... yaaay....

Maybe I can stop needing to go to food banks in a month or two.