Submitted by tuesday in lobby

oh boy is the adhd cycle of current things i want to do right now exhausting.

i made a logo for the distro. now I'm working on a thing that i hope is pretty cool.

you know how great it feels to be out in the world and you see an anarchist sticker somewhere? (thought inspired by someone seeing a raddle sticker). but what if you could get a sheet of stickers with anarchist stuff on it. one sheet with the same (or different) stickers. then people without access to the money to set up printing stuff, or who don't feel crafty can drop a few bucks (to pay for materials and shipping) and get them in the mail so they can decorate their communities.



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subrosa wrote

I have sketches and parts of film scripts, storyboards, novels, businesses, websites, youtube channels, mixing of media formats, radical breaks in lifestyle, ideas for stunts and 'détournement' and 'culture jamming' tours, and a million things that would just be sort of... nifty? As in: adhd cycle sounds relatable. Always overwhelmed with possibilities.

Definitely the good reason for putting up stickers. Cool idea overall. I ran out of stickers, and currently don't feel like spending another 30-40 Eurones ordering some from Germany. Probably a similar situation elsewhere.


tuesday OP wrote

I'm cycling between audio recordings/ videos for raddletube, a distro for zines and other propaganda (like the stickers but also patches, pins, banners, and if i can get my hands on a cheap used poster printer, posters for wheatpasting or hanging up in your room or w/e) a podcast and the free store.

and all of it is stuff that I'm like investing in so I'm glad that I'm not like cycling put beyond those things because I'm pretty much out of money to invest in new stuff

but this isn't even talking about the sewing machine that I've got gathering dust (because fabric isn't cheap) and all of my sundry painting supplies.


ukuleleclass wrote

what typa ideas u got for détournement


subrosa wrote

Mostly rather specific responses to whatever ads are spammed and billboarded in the area. McDonald's been using Bavarian phrases (to make em seem more local, more 'heimat'?), where it's often just a single letter that would change the meaning entirely. Also wanna ad "driving" to STOP signs. My last project was wheatpasting tired, veiny eyes to people depicted in 'start your career' type ads for minimum-wage jobs.